Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Incyte
Ingenuity Award?

The Incyte Ingenuity Award aims to support the US graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) community by funding one innovative initiative every year for up to $100,000. The selected initiative will address a specific need for people impacted by GVHD.

Who can apply?

Applications will be welcomed from:

  • Non-profit 501(c)(3), patient, policy, and caregiver organizations
  • Healthcare providers and mid-level/junior faculty of healthcare organizations (Individuals submitting an application must submit in the name of their institution, not as individuals.)
  • Individuals working or collaborating with any of the above

Programs must be independent of any ongoing activities, with the exception of considerably expanding an existing program. To be eligible, the applicant must be US based (includes Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico).

Applications will be disqualified if:

  • Focus is on a particular therapeutic agent, translational research, or clinical research that is interventional in nature.
  • Organization is improperly identified as a 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Application is submitted by a healthcare professional as an individual (individuals will need to partner with a not-for-profit or other organization to be considered).
  • Defined scope does not serve or plan to address a specific need of the GVHD community.
  • Request in funding exceeds 25 percent of an organization’s overall funding.
  • Application is submitted by an employee of Incyte, VOZ Advisors, and/or other vendors, or members of the immediate family of any such persons.
  • Program is duplicated, with multiple copies of an application submitted by the same organization.
  • Program exceeds the maximum application limit per organization (more than five).
  • Program is based on an existing initiative, with no evidence of ingenuity.

Can my organization
partner with another

When applying for the Incyte Ingenuity Award, organizations can partner and collaborate with other organizations, such as patient groups, professional societies, and patient advocates within the community.

Can individual healthcare providers submit ideas?

The independent judging panel will evaluate submissions made by healthcare providers when the submissions are made in the name of a healthcare institution or organization. Individual healthcare professionals are not permitted to submit applications on their own behalf or in their own names.

How do I apply?

The application process will occur in two rounds:

  • Round one: The applicant will fill out an online application, which will include the following information: contact details; team overview; project summary; any potential challenges in execution; any specific capacity-building needs to launch initiative; realistic high-level timelines for the year; and measurable program elements that can demonstrate impact.
  • Round two: The top three entries will be selected by the independent judging panel to submit a detailed proposal of their initiative. This proposal must include the following: a clear description of goals and key milestones; a detailed outline with a timeline; itemized budget; specific outcomes; and methodology to evaluate short-term and long-term reporting plans.

When are applications due?

To apply for the Incyte Ingenuity Award, please fill out and submit the online application by June 30, 2020.

For applicants chosen by the judges to move forward, official proposals will be due on August 10, 2020.

Who evaluates the applications?

An independent judging panel of patient advocacy group leaders, physicians, nurses, and/or social workers selected by Incyte will review all applications and select one recipient based on specific pre-established criteria.

What are the judging criteria?

The independent judging panel will consider the following criteria when evaluating each award application:

  • Is the applicant eligible for the award?
  • Does the application contain all of the necessary details and supporting documents?
  • Does the proposal address a specific need within the GVHD community?
  • Can the proposal be completed within the one-year timeframe?
  • Does the proposal demonstrate a clear purpose and rationale?
  • Does the proposal include a realistic and appropriate budget?
  • Does the proposal have clear and measurable outcomes? Does it follow the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) methodology?

What will be asked in the online application?

The online application will ask for the following information:

  • Name of organization, primary contact information, agreement to eligibility criteria and all terms (eg, confirmation of 501(c)(3) status, new initiative), and date of submission
  • Identification of any collaboration and team overview, including credentials/capabilities
  • Project summary that exhibits an innovative approach to address a specific need
  • Identification of any organizational challenges in execution
  • Identification of any specific capacity-building needs to launch initiative
  • Realistic high-level timeline to execute initiative within one year of selection
  • Measurable elements and anticipated outcomes as a way to demonstrate impact

What must be included in the official proposal?

The official proposal must include:

  • A clear description of goals and key milestones that outline how the specific need will be addressed
  • A detailed outline of specific activities involved to launch initiative and timeline
  • An itemized budget with narrative justification
  • Identification of specific outcomes
  • Methodology to evaluate initiative’s short-term and long-term reporting plans

How is a specific need within the GVHD community defined?

For the purposes of this program, a specific need is defined as a gap in resources to address day-to-day, financial, physical, or psychosocial issues for patients with GVHD and their caregivers.

When will the award recipient be announced?

Incyte will announce the recipient of the Incyte Ingenuity Award in August of 2020.

When will applicants learn the outcome of their applications?

Following the judges’ independent evaluation and determination, applicants will be informed of their application’s outcome via email or phone by July 17, 2020.

For the second round of the application process, the final three applicants will be informed of the outcome of their official proposal by email and phone by August 24, 2020.

How will applicants know they have been selected to submit an official proposal, and what steps are next?

The three applicants selected to move forward with a formal proposal will receive a call and email informing them of the outcome and next steps.

The email will provide all information that is required to submit the detailed proposal and address any outstanding questions about the initial application from the judging panel.

How many applications can one organization submit?

Each organization may submit up to five entries, but all five submissions must be for different ideas.

How much funding is Incyte offering?

One selected proposal will receive a restricted grant of up to $100,000 from Incyte to launch the proposed initiative within one year of selection.

Total amount requested in funding cannot exceed 25 percent of an applying organization’s overall funding.

The specific amount of funding provided by Incyte will be case-dependent for each proposed initiative and evaluated on the investment deemed necessary to implement and execute said proposal.

How involved will Incyte be in the awarded initiative?

Incyte will provide no assistance in executing the awarded initiative outside of providing the awarded amount in funding.

When will funding be received?

After the award recipient is selected, contracting with Incyte will begin. Once all paperwork is finalized, the awarded amount of funding will be shared with the recipient for execution of the agreed upon proposal.

What is required of the award recipient?

Once the award recipient is notified, they will officially accept recognition by signing an agreement with Incyte. The recipient must:

  • Comply with Incyte policies and any federal, state, or local requirements regarding transparency, sponsorships, and/or charitable donations.
  • Report on the progress of the initiative to the community (eg, through webinar, advocacy day at Incyte) at milestones previously agreed upon with Incyte.
  • Conduct an interim and final review of the project, including allocation of funding and results of the project.
  • Assume sole responsibility for the payment of all federal, state, and local taxes and contributions imposed or required on income, unemployment insurance, social security, and any other law or regulation.
  • Acknowledge that compensation and remuneration received pursuant to this program will be publicly reported by Incyte pursuant to any applicable federal and state transparency and aggregate spend laws or regulations as required.

If deadlines are unlikely to be met, recipient must inform Incyte within a pre-determined timeframe, provide an explanation of roadblock, proposed solution and an updated execution timeline.

In subsequent years, the award recipient may be asked to serve as a resource to future award recipients to share key learnings and insights.