Apply for an Incyte Ingenuity Award in Vitiligo

Applications are due October 31, 2023.

Thank you for your interest in the Incyte Ingenuity Award in vitiligo. You can apply by filling out the below online letter of intent or by downloading this PDF letter of intent and submitting it via email to Based on a review of the letter of intent, applicants will be invited to submit a detailed second round application form with questions from the judging panel.

Before you begin to fill out your letter of intent, please review the following carefully:

Before submitting your letter of intent, please ensure that all information is accurate and correct, as you will not be able to edit the letter of intent after submitting it. For questions please review the FAQs or email us at

Letter of Intent

01: Eligibility Check

Are you eligible for an Incyte Ingenuity Award in vitiligo?

Please select one of the below options to confirm how you and your organization are eligible for an Incyte Ingenuity Award in vitiligo:

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In order to be eligible for an Incyte Ingenuity Award in vitiligo, you must fall within the above categories. If you have any questions, please email

Contact & Organization Information

02: Contact & Organization Information

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Please use this space to provide an overview of your organization and/or collaboration organization, team description, credentials/capabilities, and any anticipated outcomes. (100 words maximum) Required field
Please explain your organization’s involvement and relationship with the vitiligo community. (100 words maximum) Required field

Does your proposed project involve collaboration with another organization or cross-functional team from another department?

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Project Overview

03: Project Overview

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Please share a short description of your project. (100 words maximum) Required field
Please describe the objectives of your project. (250 words maximum) Required field

Is this an ongoing/existing established program/project?

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Proposed programs/projects must be separate from any existing established/ongoing activities, with the exception of considerably expanding an existing program.

Award Selection

Please indicate which award you are applying for:

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Are you interested in being considered for either of the award amounts?

If yes and you are selected for a different amount than initially selected, you will be asked to confirm how the new amount will impact your project scope, intended deliverables, and other project specific factors.

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Does this application feature any program/project elements that would provide financial support, gifts, or other items of monetary value to patients?

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Proposed programs/projects may not provide financial support, gifts, or other items of monetary value to patients, either directly or indirectly.

Did you previously apply for an Incyte Ingenuity Award in vitiligo in 2022?

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04: Acknowledgements

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Additionally, if you are the selected award recipient, you must:

  • Accept recognition by signing an agreement with Incyte
  • Comply with Incyte policies and any federal, state, or local requirements regarding transparency, sponsorships, and/or charitable donations
  • Confirm that the total amount requested in funding does not exceed 25 percent of an organization’s overall funding and does not include indirect costs
  • Report on the progress of the initiative to the community (eg, through webinar, virtual advocacy day at Incyte) at milestones previously agreed upon with Incyte
  • Conduct an interim and final review of the project with Incyte, including allocation of funding and results of the program/project
  • Assume sole responsibility for the payment of all federal, state, and local taxes and contributions imposed or required on income, unemployment insurance, social security, and any other law or regulation
  • Acknowledge that compensation and remuneration received pursuant to this program will be publicly reported by Incyte pursuant to any applicable transparency and aggregate spend laws or regulations as required
  • Acknowledge that if deadlines are unlikely to be met, Incyte must be informed within a predetermined timeframe, along with an explanation of the roadblock, proposed solution, and an updated execution timeline
  • Acknowledge that in subsequent years of the awards program, the award recipient may be asked to serve as a resource to future award recipients to share key learnings and insights
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